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An Inspirational Religious Tale

Inspired by a painting that supernaturally transforms to reveal a depiction of Jesus Christ and other cryptic imagery related to specific New Testament events, this book follows a woman who comes to discover her divine destiny as related to the second coming of Christ. The book gives a unique, fresh perspective on the book of Revelations and is sure to be an exciting epic read for anyone remotely interested in spiritual and supernatural topics.

What Readers Are Saying

- Amazingly written!

- I have never read a book in my life but I read this one from cover to cover in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down!

- Great book, I hope there is a sequel.

- Engrossing…

- Madonna meets DaVinci Code.

- Would make a great movie!

- Daring ending!

- What a smart, fascinating and juicy story. I love what you did at the end, so bold!

About the Author

Cassandra Bohne is a freelance writer and poet and a member of the Author's Guild. She lives in the greater Houston metropolitan area where she has been cultivating her artistic creativity through divinely inspired oil paintings for nearly 20 years. To witness the miraculous transformation of the glorious painting that inspired The Second Mary, please see the Testimony of Jesus unveiled in Miraculous Painting on YouTube.

The Second Mary, Front Cover

About the Book

The Second Mary (Tribulation Publishing, 2017, ISBN 978-0-9983140-0-6) $14.99 is available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.