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The Second Mary, a Riveting Spiritual Novel

Immerse yourself in the pages of Cassandra Bohne's new epic fiction novel, The Second Mary. Published in January 2017, by Tribulation Publishing, book lovers with an affinity for spiritual and supernatural topics about the End Times will particularly enjoy this latest thought-provoking read. 

About The Second Mary

Was Mary, the mother of Jesus, the most illustrious mother in all of history?

After her early years of Biblical indoctrination, the experience of supernatural encounters and visions, and observing the ongoing battle between good and evil, between God and Satan, a young woman takes up painting and without any formal instruction begins to create a series of beautiful works, inspired by a force beyond her comprehension.
Trapped in a marriage that is going nowhere, but with three young children she adores, God brings a new love into her life. From this moment, her artwork springs to life in a new and miraculous way. God reveals an image of Jesus Christ, in a new oil painting, ‘The Revelation,’ through an astonishing transformation from a simple abstract. Suddenly, but at a pace determined by Him, God reveals other hidden secrets about the couples’ destiny and that of mankind, utilizing ‘The Revelation’ as His primary tool but also through new visions and artistic photography.
As their journey continues, the newly married couple discover that they are expecting a child, an extraordinary child who will change the future of our world.

Excerpts From The Book

The compulsion to paint came from a force that stemmed from somewhere deep inside of my soul, well beyond my consciousness or understanding. Somehow, I was unconsciously driven to pick up the paint brush and get to work. Initially, I was stumped and mystified. I later discovered the extraordinary truth behind the mystery; the impulse came directly from God or the Holy Spirit. His commanding spirit
overcame me and spontaneously compelled me to paint at His will; I had no choice in the matter.

It was also during my college years that I became cognizant of another one of His priceless gifts. I was twenty years old when I knew with absolute certainty that I could sense the presence of evil. God had graciously granted me the astounding ability to discern spirits.

On an ordinary summer day in July of 2009, I had one of the most extraordinary experiences of my early life. It was then that God took me to the most magnificent place that I had ever laid my earthly eyes on.

Immaculately framed and featured in the center of David’s apartment was a spectacular representation of Jesus Christ. Quietly and peacefully, He dwelled in the very nucleus of the abstract that I had painted and presented to David as a Christmas gift. The memorable day of May 10th marked the beginning of a whole new beautiful world for David and I; Jesus was at its core.

"Although God’s resplendent masterpiece shone with His blazing essence, I believed that the supernatural painting would somehow awaken to soaring, new heights upon Jeshua’s highly anticipated arrival. The birth of the King would mark the beginning of an electrifying new era.